Collection: ANTI AGEING

'Mature skin' is the result of ageing when collagen and sebum production slows down. Our luxurious skin elixirs, cleansers, plant-based oils and other age-defying products are formulated to fight dehydration, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and other signs of ageing to restore a lasting youthful glow. 
  • Infinity Anti-Ageing Face Elixir
    Fine lines & dryness
    MRP: Rs. 1,150
  • Infinity Anti Ageing Creme Face Wash Cleanser
    Soften & Plump
    MRP: Rs. 1,450
  • Illuminate Hydrating & Brightening Eye Serum
    Under Eye Restore
    MRP: Rs. 1,890
  • Polish Up Exfoliating & Brightening Clay Face Mask
    With Fruit AHAs and rosehip
    MRP: Rs. 1,690
  • Restore Repairing & Brightening Skin Moisturiser Balm
    Dry & pigmented skin
    MRP: Rs. 1,790