Collection: BODY OIL

Experience the true essence of tranquility, calm and luxuriousness with Ras Body Oils. Made with vitamin and nutrient-rich oils and floral extracts, these are ultimate in smoothening and hydrating your body while elevating the mind and mood.
  • Argan Pure Plant Oil
    Fine lines & Wrinkles
    MRP: Rs. 1,690
  • Jojoba Pure Plant Oil
    Pure Plant Oil
    MRP: Rs. 990
  • Radiance Brightening body Oil
    Everyday body oil
    MRP: Rs. 1,690
  • Supple Baby body Oil
    for skin & hair
    MRP: Rs. 1,390
  • Sparkle Shimmer Highlighting Body Oil
    Illuminating & hydrating
    MRP: Rs. 1,690