Collection: FACE SERUMS

Our face gels are a favourite for everyday fuss-free skincare routine. Their lightweight and and non-sticky formula absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it hydrated and plump. Experience a cooling sensation and a youthful glow everyday with our advanced gel-based serums.
  • Radiance 24K Gold Brightening Face Gel Serum
    MRP: Rs. 2,990
  • Luminous Hydrating & Skin Clearing Face Gel Serum
    MRP: Rs. 2,490
  • Flaunt Pigmentation & Complexion Correcting Serum
    MRP: Rs. 1,890
  • Festive Quick Glow kit
    MRP: Rs. 2,100
  • 24k Gold brightening duo Gel + Elixir
    MRP: Rs. 2,280
  • 5 step Acne Clearing set (Minis)
    MRP: Rs. 1,990